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Surface defect detection technology based on machine vision

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In today's society, with the emergence and development of computer technology, artificial intelligence and other science and technology, as well as in-depth research, the surface defect detection technology based on machine vision technology appears. The appearance of this technology greatly improves the efficiency of production operation, avoids the influence of operation conditions and subjective judgment on the accuracy of detection results, and realizes the better and more accurate surface defect inspection

Test, more quickly identify the surface defects of products.

Product surface defect detection belongs to a kind of machine vision technology, which uses computer vision to simulate the function of human vision, to collect, process, calculate and finally carry out actual detection, control and application from concrete objects. Product surface defect detection is an important part of machine vision inspection. The accuracy of the detection will directly affect the final quality of the product. from

In the use of artificial detection method has been unable to meet the needs of production and modern technology manufacturing, and the use of machine vision detection can overcome this point. The extensive application of surface defect detection system has promoted the development of high-quality production of enterprise factory products and intelligent automation of manufacturing industry.

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